What is the best description about Cambridge Silk Road International School?

The Cambridge Silk Road International School prides itself on offering a more supportive learning environment, with greater personal attention given to students than in other schools. Delivering a rewarding learning experience with the personal touch forms the core of what we do at CSRIS.

About Teaching and Learning Method at Cambridge Silk Road International School?

We are dedicated to providing teaching that is informed by our research, and focused on delivering real world, experiential learning.  Our teaching is outstanding in several areas, and our ambition is to continue on this upward trend.

How can I get admitted to CSRIS?

Admission to CSRIS is based on entrance exams(Maths and English) and an interview which takes place with the school Principal and /or coordinators. The main requirement for entry to the school is based on a students’ ability to access our curriculum using English. The school does sometimes offer ESL (English as a Second Language) support .