Supervisor Mrs. Shelly Gupta / Ms.Olga Emelianova
Level Group Grades 1-12
Day Monday and Wednesday

Monday / Wednesday
Handicraft (Mr. Arvan; Grade 5 A & 1 A Rooms)
Karaoke (Mr. Jonathan; Grade 2 A Room)
Movies, Reading, Writing (Ms. Alexandra; Grade 2 B Room)
Art (Ms. Maria; Grade 3 A Room)
Board Games Club (Mr. Jeremy; Grade 3 B Room)
Drama & Theatre (Ms. Olga; Grade 4 B Room)
Debate Club (Ms. Vimmi; Grade 5 B Room)
Gymnastics (Ms. Aidana, Ground floor Gym)
Young Scientist’s Club (Ms. Saida; Biology Laboratory)
Table tennis
Mental Math (charges a fee; Grade 1 B Room)
Vocal Studio (charges a fee; Extra-lesson Room, 3rd floor)






Supervisor Mrs. Alina Asangazieva
Level Group Grades 1-12
Day Tuesday/Thursday

Tuesday / Thursday
Handicraft (Mr. Arvan; Grade 1 A Room)
Pencil Pushers (sketching with Mr. Kevin; 1 B Room)
Chess (Mr. Salavat & Mr. Ryspek; Grade 5 B and 3 B Rooms )
Fun Games with Mr. Divan (Grade 4 A Room)
Happy Show Time (Ms. Nora; Grade 4 B Room)
Variety Club with Ms. Elizabeth (5 A Room)
Fitness with Friends (Ms. Evelyn)
Table tennis
Dance Club
Mental Math (charges a fee; Grade 2 A Room )


Monday/Wednesday- Tuesday/Thursday



Supervisor Mr. Joseph Knazek
Level Group Grades 6-10 / grades 1-5
Day Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
Description Chess (Mr. Salavat)
Table-tennis (Mr. Nurtai)
Debate Club (Mr. Noah)
Vocal Studio (charges a fee)
Math Olympiad (Ms. Saida)

Art (Ms. Maria)
Gymnastics (Ms. Aidana)
Science workshop (Ms. Ninez)
Table–tennis (Mr. Nurtai)
Karate (SenSei, charges a fee)
Volleyball (Mr. Brett)
Gamification (Mr. Kostas)
Robotics (Mr. Shabdan)
Math Olympiad (Ms. Gulshan)