School Psychologist

Dear all,

We have very good news for you all! This year CSRIS signed a contract with Psychological Developmental Center SEAR.  SEAR ‘s  head office is located in U.S., however since February 2016 SEAR’s branch office is actively working  in Bishkek. Center is going to provide all necessary psychological services to CSRIS by implementing its program for the students, teachers and parents.
During the year there will be seminars for everyone once per month in three languages. We highly recommend you to participate and let yourself   get updated information about learning process, parenting tips, adolescence behavior, motivation, inter-family communication and other vital topics.
If you have any questions, please feel free to come to our psychologist office.

Office:  CSRIS, 2nd  floor
Office hours:  08:30-17:00
Monday ,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
School Psychologist:  Ms. Nurzat

Camps & Overseas Trips

Cambridge Silk Road International School offers its students and their parents an annual round trip to Turkey. Tours last about a week. Accompanied by their teachers or students homeroom teachers.

CSRIS students do not spend all of their  time in the classroom. Students and their parents  in Grades 6-11 go on one week-long trip every year. In addition, the vast majority of students will go on other trips either within Paris, around France or other countries, as part of different courses that they take, or as part of an Extended Curriculum Program. These trips can be for part of a day (for example to a museum). Some students may also take part in the school’s humanitarian project, where a group of students and teachers from CSRIS goes to Turkey during the summer break to support other children and teachers working in a school with a significantly different level of resources to that enjoyed at CSRIS. A trip to England or the USA may be arranged for a group of students to study the language and learn about the country.

School Bus

As the school has a large catchment area we are able to offer some bus routes to the school.

Information regarding school buses can be received from Mr. Ruslan in the school office on 0555-12-30-30 or

Please contact the school if you would like any further information.


School Uniform

Students are expected to wear the school uniform at all times.

There is no distinction between summer and winter uniforms – students should dress for their personal comfort, choosing long or short sleeved shirts and sweatshirts to suit the weather.


School   Uniform Girls Boys
  • Short or long sleeve polo shirt with CSRIS logo
  • Dark blue zipped jacket
Bottoms Dark blue skirt Dark blue trousers


Physical Education Uniform

All students must wear PE uniforms only on the days that they have PE.

All P.E. uniform is now available from the school. A tracksuit is also available designed to be suitable for all weathers and sports.

The PE uniform consists of:

PE Uniform All Students
Tops Dark blue PE T-shirt with CSRIS logo and tracksuit top
Bottoms Dark blue PE tracksuit trousers