Olga Emelianova is a qualified and professional music teacher with a high level of experience.  Music has always played a great role in Olga’s life. After completing the school program, she entered the Kyrgyz State Music College to specialize as a pianist. While having regular piano classes, she attended lessons on composition. Later on, Olga applied her composition knowledge to writing songs for children and short music skits.  While Olga was learning music she also felt a deep interest in studying languages, particularly English. After successfully graduating from the Music College, she entered the Russian-Kyrgyz Slavic University, Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

Being a university student, Olga tried to combine developing as a pianist and teacher, so she worked as a tutor for about two years. As for her piano playing, Olga tried to use every opportunity to take part in concerts. After graduating from the university with a diploma of excellence, Olga spent a lot of time at seminars or other educational activities useful for her music specializations. Thus, Olga has taken classes of vocal art at the Kyrgyz Opera House which helps her stay fit and share knowledge with her students.  In 2002, Olga started working at Silk Road International School which gave her an opportunity to combine her two specializations – a music teacher and linguist. Having worked for almost twelve years, she considers music a great means of communication, especially between cultures; it is the art which has the power to mix and connect different mentalities and talks directly to the heart.



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