Support Teachers

Secondary1/High School Support Teachers

Primary Support Teachers

Jyldyz Alymkul kyzy

Support Teacher

Jyldyz Alymkul kyzy joined the CSRIS in August 2014 as a Primary school assistant teacher. She worked at State School and Institute of Modern Technology teaching English. She earned her master of foreign language teacher at Kyrgyz State University. She attended EFL seminars, trainings and educational activities which helped her to strengthen her teaching experience. Away from school,  she loves to read and spend time with family. She likes her students and school very much.

Asel Mukasheva

Support Teacher

Asel Mukasheva joined the CSRIS in February, 2015, as a volunteer in a Primary school. She earned her BA in Linguistics at Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University in Bishkek. During her study she worked as a journalist for the newspaper of the University and also graduated from the "School of Journalism at the First National Channel". Asel had passed her internship at a Government school, she was teaching English to Primary School children. After having school experience she developed a passion in the sphere of teaching and loving kids. Away from school she is learning Korean and Turkish languages. She loves reading and drawing, also she is fond of Design and Fashion. This year she is working as an assistant teacher in grade 4 and she likes her students very much.

Uulzhan Moldalieva

Support Teacher

Uuljan Moldalieva has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Bishkek Humanities University. Uuljan has extensive experience of working with children and youth.

During her study, she worked with university students at the Career Center of Bishkek Humanities University and also served as a youth worker in International Students Network “Tunduk”. Uuljan was a participant of the London School project “Learn by Teaching”. She taught English language classes for vulnerable children and organized educational and cultural events for them. Uuljan also worked on youth media project in the Public Foundation “MediaMost”. After graduation, she joined an educational project and worked with active high school students-young journalists. Uuljan likes teaching children and arranges interesting activities for them. She enjoys reading articles, listening to radio programs, going to hiking and playing volleyball. 

Meerim Sadirbekova

Support Teacher

Meerim Sadirbekova is 21 years old. She studied at Silk Road International School from 2007-2009.Then she studied at Kyrgyz-Turkish Girls High School Aychurek. She obtained her BA in economics in Kyrgyz National University. She is currently in the process of getting her MBA in International Relations. She fluently talks in three languages and learning two languages more. Some of her habits are learning new things, dance, skiing and hiking.

Makpal Karabalaeva

Support Teacher

Makpal Karabalaeva is a teacher assistant. She joined CSRIS in august 2015. She has graduated Master degree in International Ata-Turk Ala-Too University and specialized in Simultaneous Interpreting. Makpal has 3 years’ experience as a teacher. She worked in Educational schools such as London School and Unium. In her free time she likes playing table tennis and hanging out with friends. Also she likes to travel and she started to travel from the capital of Kazakhstan Astana. She wants to travel all around the world.

Burulcha Askerbekova

Support Teacher

Burulcha Askerbekova was born on 24 th of December,1993. In 2005 she went to International Meerim-Sebat Talas Girls High school. After successful graduation she studied Economics at Kyrgyz- Russian Slavic University in Bishkek and got bachelor’s degree. Now she is working in CSRIS as an assistant teacher.

Nagima Abdalbekova

Support Teacher

Nagima Abdalbekova Abdalbekovna is originally from Toktogul Djalal – Abad province. Currently she is living in Chuy with family. She graduated from Bishkek Humanities University the faculty of European Civilization in 2015. She has been working in different local international courses ,for instance ’’ London School in Bishkek ‘’in 2013 and than year later in ‘’High time’’ international English center as an English and Computer teacher in 2014 as well as when she had a spare time she was volunteering during years in international student’s Organization like ‘’ Aiesec ‘’Kyrgyzstan as member later as an exchange participant . In winter 2015 she flew off to Malaysia and Singapore for internship where she was in charge of conduct conferences at High schools with others exchange participant from absolutely five different countries. From her own experience her fundamental belief and aim is that her students can and will reach their full potential in English language learning. Her classes are conducted in a safe, disciplined and fun environment. She wishes for every pupil in her care to leave her class challenged, enthused and excited. She believes that a structured, inspiring and relevant syllabus ensures the best results. Her teaching style is characterized by thorough preparation, clear, cogent and concise instruction and an atmosphere of mutual respect. She extremely loves her class.

Aizhana Sydykova

Support Teacher

Aizhana Sydykova joined the CSRIS team in August, 2016. She studied in Meerim – Sebat Talas Girls High School. After graduation Aizhana studied International relations in International Ataturk Alatoo University where she got her graduated Master degree in International Relations and Economics this year, 2016. During 2014 – 2015 she studied Political and Social Sciences in Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey, as an exchange student. From working experience she worked in international organizations and non-governmental organizations, Aizhana has good volunteering experience as an English teacher for kids. On her free time she likes to read Russian and classic literature. From sports she likes winter sports like skiing. Now she is working as an assistant teacher of primary grade 1B.

Tynalieva Cholpon

Support Teacher

Tynalieva Cholpon joined the CSRIS Team in August 2016. She has a bachelor degree in Education and she is continuing her master degree in Psychology. She had studied in Talas Girls High School. Cholpon has been studying in Indonesia for 2 years and she could get a distinct pleasure of being there. Then, she moved to International Ataturk-Alatoo University. She has experiences in pedagogical sphere: Cholpon was working with beginner level students at IAAU during active pedagogical practice; she has experiences with school children as well. She likes playing a piano and reading the different genres of book.