Administrative Staff

Sherafettin Kuchukoglu


Chemistry Teacher

Cambridge Silk Road International School is the realization of a vision. A vision to transform the educational landscape in the country and to make internationally recognized quality education available for one and all. The Principal and Founder of Cambridge Silk Road International School, Mr. Sheraffetin Kuchukoglu has led Silk Road International School to an exceptional academic achievement. It was in 2011 that Silk Road achieved regular membership of European Council of International School (ECIS), in his leadership. The initial setbacks and challenges were never a concern for this man who had tremendous faith in his dream. It is his commitment, prudence and visionary approach to school education that has made him one of the most venerated figures in the contemporary education sector in Kyrgyzstan.  He is responsible for providing overall strategic direction to the organization and ensuring effective imparting of education. Well known for his deep commitment for students, Mr. Kuchukoglu has a strong impact on scores of students who, thanks to his persistence are now contributing members of society. 

Talant Sapitov

IGCSE and AS & A Level Coordinator

CIE Exams officer

Director of College Counseling

Talantbek Sapitov joined the SRIS team in June 2013 as an Assistant Director and EFL Teacher. He moved here from Jalalabad, Kyrgyzstan where he worked as a Director of SECOM university preparatory coaching center.  He has BA in degree in English language and literature and MA in International Relations from International Ataturk Alatoo University where he worked as an EFL instructor for 4 years before starting his administrative career. Talantbek is in love with research and books. He spends his free time reading books and academic journals. He is an internationally certified teacher from European Council of International School, by Cambridge International Assessment. Currently, Talantbek is CIE Exams officer at Cambridge Silk Road International school and experiencing the new challenges related to this position. Talantbek enjoys working with students and parents. He looks forward to building eye-catching CSRIS which will be a source of knowledge, research and prosperity.

Said Umaraliev

Secondary1 Coordinator


Said is a Mathematics teacher at CSRIS. Mathematics has been his passion since early childhood, when he started to attend National Olympiads. He became a teacher after obtaining BA degree at Bosphorus University in Istanbul in 2007. Between 2009 and 2011, he led the International Mathematics Olympiad team of Sebat, from which 5 students among 6 elected for the International team of Kyrgyzstan. Apart from teaching Maths in CSRIS, he also helps to facilitate activities and school parliament. He is married and has two lovely daughters.

Shelly Gupta

Primary School Coordinator

Math and Drama Teacher

Mrs. Shelly Gupta is an internationally certified teacher from European Council of International School, by Cambridge International Assessment. It is Mrs. Shelly Gupta, who has put in great efforts to transform this vision of internationally accredited education in Kyrgyzstan such as taking the school through authorization process of European Council of International School membership and Cambridge International Examinations accredited school, into reality. Mrs. Gupta has post graduate qualification in Education and holds a Master Degree in Travel and Tourism. She started her teaching career as Travel and Tourism Instructor in South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, India. Awarded three years in a row, the ECIS Awards for Promotion of International Education, she has been working in international school settings for 14 years. As the Primary and Secondary 1 Coordinator, she believes in a strengths-based approach and recognizes the unique needs of each student. Shelly wears many different hats throughout the day: Math Teacher, Drama Teacher, Academic Coordinator and many others. Working in collaboration with parents, teachers, school leadership and community partners, she aims at providing a comprehensive guidance program to support student personal/social, academic and career development. When she is not busy with school work she loves to spend time with her family. 

Aigerim Musaeva

Guidance Counselor

Sociology Teacher

Aigerim Musaeva joined the CSRIS in August 2015 as a teacher of Sociology and assistant teacher in English. She is a dedicated professional who got her BA in Sociology from American University of Central Asia in Bishkek. As she was studying in AUCA, Aigerim also worked as a writing tutor at the Writing and Academic Resource Center of the university for two years. Throughout her life, she was passionate about education and children. In her work, she tries to take individual approach to all of her students, thus developing their individual strengths as well as working on their weaknesses.

Olga Emelianova

Social Affairs Coordinator


Olga Emelianova is a qualified and professional music teacher with a high level of experience.  Music has always played a great role in Olga’s life. After completing the school program, she entered the Kyrgyz State Music College to specialize as a pianist. While having regular piano classes, she attended lessons on composition. Later on, Olga applied her composition knowledge to writing songs for children and short music skits.  While Olga was learning music she also felt a deep interest in studying languages, particularly English. After successfully graduating from the Music College, she entered the Russian-Kyrgyz Slavic University, Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

Being a university student, Olga tried to combine developing as a pianist and teacher, so she worked as a tutor for about two years. As for her piano playing, Olga tried to use every opportunity to take part in concerts. After graduating from the university with a diploma of excellence, Olga spent a lot of time at seminars or other educational activities useful for her music specializations. Thus, Olga has taken classes of vocal art at the Kyrgyz Opera House which helps her stay fit and share knowledge with her students.  In 2002, Olga started working at Silk Road International School which gave her an opportunity to combine her two specializations – a music teacher and linguist. Having worked for almost twelve years, she considers music a great means of communication, especially between cultures; it is the art which has the power to mix and connect different mentalities and talks directly to the heart.

Dr. Ali Pektemir

Head of Maintenance & Teacher's Support

Physics Teacher

Ali Pektemir was born in Turkey on January 6, 1976. After finishing high school, he studied at the Inonu University, and graduated with an undergraduate degree in physics from the science department in 2000. Ali received the Master’s Degree in 2010. He got PhD in Ecology at the Bishkek Humanities University. He participated in International Science and project Olympiads three times with his students and won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. He was also invited to INEPO in  2013 as a jury member which was in Baku.  He enjoys playing table tennis and playing with kids. He is a bibliomaniac. According to his colleagues, Ali is a shy and very industrious man .Put it in a nutshell, he likes his school very much …




Sharon Kuster-Smith


Sharon Kuster-Smith completed her senior education at Livingstone High School, in Cape Town, South Africa.  After this she was employed in different capacities involving administration. She later embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and established her own successful business selling products for a highly reputable company.   She sees herself as a people’s person with the ability to adapt to any situation.  As a mother of 2 children and 4 grandchildren coupled with the involvement of assisting with mentoring and training of disadvantaged children in the communityas well as assisting in various charities involving the development of children, she is able to interact with children at any level with great passion.

As the wife of a Mathematics teacher who was offered employment as a teacher at CSRIS in August 2014, she was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to assist as a volunteer with the startup of a Library as well as assist with a reading program at the school.  Her objective is always going to be mainly to make a difference to the students and to achieve the desired results as is expected by those around her.

She is fun loving, enjoys cooking and baking and spending time with family and friends .

Gulmira Tulekova


Dr. Gulmira Tulekova joined the CSRIS team in August 2015 as a pediatrician. She is a 1985 graduate of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy of Pediatrics Faculty. Dr.Gulmira Tulekova is a senior doctor. She has experience of over 30 years. She worked in Kyrgyz –Turkish Bishkek Boys High School for 5 years. Before coming to CSRIS she worked in 6th polyclinic in Bishkek.

Inara Osmonova

Office Manager

Inara Osmonova has a dergree in management from International Ataturk- Alatoo University. She studied in Turgut Ozal University in Ankara, Turkey for six months through exchange program. Her interests are designing, handicraft and reading. Inara joined the CSRIS team in September 2014 as an administrative assistant.

Aisuluu Azatova

Office Manager

Aisuluu Azatova joined CSRIS in August 2015 as an Administrative assistant. She has a Master degree on Simultaneous Interpreting from International Ataturk Alatoo University. Aisuluu Studied at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus as an exchange student and speaks fluently Kyrgyz, Russian, English and Turkish languages. She likes reading, travelling and watching football.

Nazira Maksutova

Lab Assistant

Nazira Maksutova has joined the CSRIS team in April 2016 as a Laboratory assistant. She has a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at Kyrgyz-Turkish ‘Manas’ University in Bishkek. During her university years she went to Turkey to continue her education at Ankara State University by Exchange student program. After graduation she started working in Yssyk-Kul at Kyrgyz-Turkish girls high school as an assistant chemistry teacher and prepared students for the university exams and the regional Olympiads. She loves her work and getting pleasure teaching of students something useful.