Admission Procedure

Admission to CSRIS is based on entrance exams(Maths and English) and an interview which takes place with the school Principal and /or coordinators. The main requirement for entry to the school is based on a students’ ability to access our curriculum using English. The school does sometimes offer ESL (English as a Second Language) support .

Entrance exams are held on fixed dates decided by CSRIS administration.


a.  Applicants coming from Cambridge accredited schools are admitted according to their school transcripts and achievements.

b. Applicants who seek admission to A and AS Levels and IGCSE programmes are required to take additional subject exams according to their field interest.

How to apply:

1) Complete an application form available on the school website. Please add supporting materials to your application, such as a recent school report or student reference information. Send the application form to the school email

2) Once the form is completed the school will contact you for entrance exam and interview


3) Interviews are held in the school and are usually around one hour in duration. The interview will contain assessments on reading, writing, ability in oral English and a general discussion. These interviews are usually held with the school principal.

4) Once the interview is completed CSRIS administration will meet with the parents to discuss the school and also the interview. The school will try to inform the family as soon as possible after the interview.


We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your child.


Admission Policy
Admission to CSRIS is open to any child regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender.

Our school specializes in offering CIE education in a unique educational context. We offer a very dynamic  CIE curriculum that appeals to a wide range of international students within Central Asia. Our perspective is very international which is reflected in our very diverse student population. In order to access and enjoy our curriculum we assess students upon entry to the school. We assess their understanding and competence in using English as a medium of instruction and then ask them to perform a range of age related standardized tasks.

We do have  ESL (English as a Second Language) support staff, so we do admit a proportion of students who may benefit from extra support in English. This proportion is controlled to carefully balance the needs for each class.

Interviews are only performed should a place be available. Applications are retained by the school and kept on file. Parents are contacted in order of application date and admissions criteria.

Application for all classes is encouraged the 5 months before entry as entrance exams are in April, May and August.


  • Tuition fee is kept to a minimum as CSRIS is a non-profit organization. We have a very low fee when compared to other Cambridge Schools.
  • Kindergarten/Primary/Secondary – 9000 US dollars
  • IGCSE – 11000 US dollars
  • A Level – 13000 US dollars
  • Books, uniform, food and transportation are included in tuition fee.
  • Boarding – 2000 US dollars
  • Additional charges for Cambridge official examination fees.